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the joy of learning

for growth and innovation in the workplace

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Learning and developing are supposed to be fun and rewarding

We are born with an instinct to learn and growing as a person is a basic human need. As children, we move through life with curiosity, courage, and grit.

Yet as an adult, learning at work is a struggle, or in some organizations downright impossible. We know that learning fuels growth and fosters innovation. But how can we achieve that?

My mission is to reignite that spark of joy in learning. I believe in giving the power back to individuals by breaking learning down into simple, actionable, and tailored steps.

What I Do


Learning and Development Strategy

Struggling to get your stakeholders' buy-in and to prove your relevance as a department? I develop a comprehensive L&D strategy by aligning its objectives with the company's vision and goals. I am here to elevate your business value and get you a seat at the table.

Learning Experience Design

Forget those boring trainings or awkward digital workshops! I build learning that is experiential, engaging, impactful, and designed with the learner in mind. Who would say no to sticky learning experiences that result in lasting behavioral changes?



A high-performance coaching culture within a company includes more than formal coaching. I ensure coaching behaviors are actively adopted as a means of communicating, managing, and influencing others. No fluffy business, just theoretically grounded, yet extremely practical.

Organizational Culture Change

You look around at work and you wish things are different. I help organizations transform their culture - infused with positive energy, brimming with enthusiasm. and dynamically adjusting to current challenges. It won't be an easy journey, but promise it'll be worth it.

Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Are you tired of the D&I initiative that goes into the subject only skin-deep? Well, me too. Thanks to my unique background and diverse experiences, I hold workshops that make people stop and think. Also, you will walk out with concrete action points you can implement.

Hi! I'm Dinye.

Here to build learning playgrounds where people grow and innovate.

Started in Digital Transformation, and ended up in Learning and Development. I happily utilize my tech-related background to boost people and organizational development.

Currently, I am working as a Senior Learning and Development Manager at Greator in Cologne, Germany. This means, I help people, who are building a global platform for personal development, in their personal development! It's like, Learning and Development in Russian doll fashion - how fun is that ?!

Learning energizes me, so in my free time, I also coach, mentor, consult, speak and teach.



Companies I proudly serve



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Ambassador and mentor

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