Work with Me

There is nothing more magical than working with people who share your passion and enthusiasm.

I have had the honour to work with impact-driven organizations; corporations, hypergrowth startups, venture capital, and non-profit organizations. I also work directly with individuals such as business executives, founders, high-potentials and fellow L&D professionals. One thing in common,  I strive to create learning experiences tailored to meet your specific needs.

Learning and Development Strategy

Struggling to get your stakeholders' buy-in and to prove your relevance as a department? I develop a business-driven L&D strategy by aligning its objectives with the company's vision and goals. I am here to elevate your business value and get you a seat at the table.

Learning Experience Design

Forget those boring trainings or awkward digital workshops! I build learning that is engaging, impactful, and designed with the learner in mind. Who would say no to sticky learning experiences that result in lasting behavioural changes?



A high-performance coaching culture within a company is more than formal coaching. I ensure coaching behaviours are actively adopted as a means of communicating, managing, and influencing others. No fluffy business, just theoretically grounded, yet extremely practical.

Reverse Mentoring

You look around at work and you wish things are different. Through Reverse Mentoring, I help organizations transform their culture by engaging with their key decision-makers in regular thought-provoking conversations and by expanding their understanding of future trends.

Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Are you tired of the D&I initiative that goes into the subject only skin-deep? Well, me too. Thanks to my unique background and diverse experiences, I hold workshops that make people stop and think. Also, you will walk out with concrete action points you can implement.